Saturday, January 9, 2010

Introspection: Product vs Packaging

Humor yourself for a moment and imagine yourself as a product. A product is defined as a thing produced by labor. Consider all the things that make you you, and the work that goes into it. Contemplate what you're made of. Are you full of stuffing or air or are you a piece of ceramic or crystal? Perhaps you're full of water or another liquid substance. Think about your most memorable life experiences and how they've shaped you emotionally. Dig deep into the memories of your upbringing and begin to uncover the lessons you live by. Discover how you truly function. Hear yourself speak and for the first time listen to your word choices. Examine the tone your voice takes when using those words. Determine what, if anything, can break you and what is the best use of your assets.

Now think like a editor of a chic magazine whose job it is to call it as they see it, and then take a moment, in fact, take a few, to critique your packaging. I mean really pay attention to your outer layer, what you represent to the world from day to day. Keep in mind that the rest of the world may never have the pleasure of truly getting to know you, aside from the 2-3 minute interactions with you during the hustle of the day. Be aware of how you approach outside situations, how you interact with the person at the news stand or the person you buy your must have machiatto from at your favorite cafe. Notice the expression on your face when you catch a glimpse of your own reflection in a store front window. Pay attention to your thoughts and emotions while taking in the outside world. Take notice of how you are being received by others.

Now sit with this product and it's packaging... Then repeat this exercise as many times as you see fit.

No matter what the results of this personal exercise reveal,

Whether you are a walking contradiction, meaning not ready to show your true self, yet are deceivingly very well put together...

Or you're like a Vera Wang wedding gown, designed with gorgeous materials inside and out, have very little production issues and offers a flawless presentation from beginning to end...

What I've learned on my journey with introspection, is that when you accept that you are the sum of your experiences and recognize that having this all important knowledge can give you control over your end product, all that's left, is to make the decision to begin the necessary work to ensure that your packaging will eventually mirror it's contents.

Barefoot in Brooklyn

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  1. A great exercise that we all need. Thanks for challenging us!