Thursday, December 31, 2009

Barefoot Committments

There are New Year's Eve traditions that we all seem to succumb to:

The practice of creating wish lists for the coming year with the added pressure of shedding our tattered skin like a snake in nature hoping to breathe, live and look differently. We inhabit the idea that different is somehow better...

The belief that we will wake on January 1st cleansed of all that went wrong and rid ourselves of things that make us feel a "certain" way. And then somehow attain the miraculous ability to replace those "bad experiences"' with something incredible, having done nothing more than putting pen to paper and creating a last minute wish list that tradition tells you will effectively help you begin anew...

My blog is about committing to and making grand efforts toward turning words into actions with the hope of realizing a better me and you. I plan to inspire unique thoughts about the world we live in, bring laughter to those who are guarded, encourage kindness toward others, provide a humorous and romantic perspective to otherwise mundane situations, share my unique views on humanity, parenting, relationships and fashion, and make "introspection" a necessary call to action by sharing my everyday experiences and interactions and remaining open to the possibilities.

Be it on subways, sidewalks or stoops, our interactions and the stories of those we meet speak to our very being and if you remain open, you will notice that without pretences and the burden of fear, we are all Barefoot and I just happen to live in Brooklyn.

Barefoot in Brooklyn

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  1. I'm totally inspired and look forward to all the comes next. - flyummi